Dairy Goddess

The Dairy Goddess specializes in pure, delicious cheese and milk from our very own cows, blended with our own family recipe. Savory concoctions of natural flavors add new zest to old favorites and our gently refined milk base locks in the creamy goodness. Our cheese varieties include six diverse flavors of our Fromage Blanc, as well as our hard cheeses. From the pure, rich, spreadable naked cheese to the subtle heat of our Azores blend, our Fromage blanc is the perfect stand-alone snack or recipe addition. We have flavors to satisfy any plate and any palate, from hot roasted pepper, to sweet honeyed-peach, to savory garlic and dill and more. After dinner, wash down delectable lasagna, sandwiches, vegetables and crackers with a cool glass of the Dairy Goddess’s own whole, chocolate,or vanilla cream top milk. Find our milk and cheeses at farmers markets, and specialty stores across California or order yours online. Check out the recipe ideas for delicious pairings and order your favorite flavor at The Dairy Goddess: farmstead cheese from Lemoore, CA.