Barba Family Farm

Barba Family Farms is run by Jennifer and Anthony Barba, and their two sons, aged 4 and 6 (these two are the ones who really run the farm!).

The Barba family grows and sells a little bit of everything – assorted vegetables, stone fruits, flowers, herbs, free range eggs, and even pork and lamb meat.
Currently, Barba Family Farms are the only farmers selling pork and lamb meat at the Visalia Farmers Market. The family initially got started raising meat animals as a way to utilize vegetable waste from the farmers market, making these locally raised animals fed on superior locally grown products from the market! (You can’t eat more local than that!)
Since deciding to sell meat at the market, the Barba’s have dedicated 15 acres of winter forage for their lambs, which comprises 90% of their diet. The remaining 10% comes from local brewers grain from Brewbakers in Visalia which in turn sources their gourmet non-GMO grain from Europe.
At the moment Barba Family Farms has a very limited supply of pork meat, as they only raise around 10 hogs per year, making the pork products at the market a hot commodity. If you are interested in locally raised pork products, get to the Barba Family Farms booth early to call dibs – all orders are first come, first served!
Of all the Barba family products, Jen loves growing and selling flowers and unique flowering foods the best. During the spring and summer, the Barba Family Farm table is dotted with flowering artichoke, chive blossoms, fresh lavender, grain stalks and assorted sunflowers. (Jen is particularly partial to the sunflowers!)
But above all, the Barba’s love the community atmosphere at the Visalia Farmers Market, and love seeing their customers, whom they view more as family, every week!