Vendor Membership

Thank you for your interest in applying for a VFMA Vendor Membership.

ATTENTION: before getting started – please read our membership requirements below.

Vendor Membership Information: 

The Visalia Farmers Market Association (VFMA) is comprised of vendor members. Membership falls into two categories.
1. Certified Vendors. All agricultural products sold at market must be certified with a Producer’s Certificate issued by the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office in county of origin. Certified Vendor Members must be Certified Growers.
2. Non-Certified: Artisans. All non-agricultural products sold at the market must be hand-made. Resell items are not allowed. This vendor category includes a variety of arts, crafts, prepackaged food items and hot foods concessions.

How is Membership Determined?

  • Any individual interested in becoming a member of the VFMA must submit a Membership Application.
  • For your convenience, we have two ways to submit an application. You can submit the online application or you can download a printable application.
  • Preference is given to local small farms and businesses that source ingredients/materials locally.
  • Applications are due by the second Saturday of each month. The application will then be reviewed and voted on by our Board of Directors at our monthly board meeting that typically occurs during the 3rd week each month. Applicants will be notified of the Board’s Decision within 10 days of each respective meeting. The application process can take up to 6 weeks.

Membership Fees:

  • Annual Membership dues are $50.00.  Association Membership entitles the member to set up a stall at the market(s) requested on their application and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Stall fee for each market attended is 8% of sales with a $15 minimum. Vendors also pay a $2.00 CDFA fee for each market attended. Stall fee and CDFA fee is collected at the end of each market event by the Association. (Note: Fee amounts are subject to change without prior notification. Please contact the market manager for current rates)

Requirements of Membership:

IMPORTANT: upon approval from the VFMA Board of Directors, in addition to the payment of annual membership dues, active members must obtain and supply copies of the following paperwork and documentation to the Market Manager. Paperwork must be kept current and posted during market operation in accordance with VFMA Rules and Regulations.
Necessary Paperwork
Membership Category

We Grow What We Sell


Artisans / Prepared Food

Signed Agreement to VFMA Rules and Regulations
Proof of Liability Insurance on Automobile(s) used at Market
Ag. Certificate from County Ag. Commissioner
Sellers Permit
City of Visalia-Business Tax Registration
Health Permit- Certified Kitchen
*Cottage foods are allowed with  permit
(All Prepared and Hot Food)
Health Permit- Temporary Food Event Permit
* If Using a Temporary Food Event Permit You Need to Submit a Copy of that Application.
(All Prepared and Hot Food)

To apply in person:

An application may be turned in at the Manager’s Booth at any of the Visalia Farmers’ Market Association markets during operating hours.
 You may also call or text to set up an appointment at our office outside of market hours. (559)730-6021

To apply online:button-apply-online

To apply by mail:

An application may be mailed to:
Visalia Farmers Market – PO Box 670 – Visalia, CA 93729

Required Documents for Vendor Memberships:

»Download VFMA Membership Application

»Download VFMA Rules & Regulations

»Download VFMA Bylaws

Relevant Phone Numbers:

Business License- City Of Visalia Business Tax Division
Sellers Permit-CA State Board of Equalization
Tulare County Dept. of Health
Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner