Gourds by Diane

Diana Pearcy and her daughter Denise Pearcy of Ivanhoe, California are the creative duo behind Dirty Bird and Gourds by Diane. Diana is the gourd guru, and Denise is the crafter of gourmet soaps behind this popular booth at our Saturday morning Farmers Market.
Over the past eight years Diana has grown each gourd she sells herself, as a true labor of love and work of home grown art. The Pearcy family maintains a half acre patch of gourds, growing well over 3,000 gourds per season – with gourds ranging from half an inch tall to well over 70 inches around!
“It’s fun, because they all have different shapes and personalities”, Diana said when discussing her gourd farm. “I have coffee with them every morning!”
Diana cultivates her hobby and hones her art by going to gourd festivals and reading books on crafting with gourds for inspiration. When pressed for a favorite piece of art of type of gourd, Diana said she couldn’t pick a favorite, but bushel gourds have a special place in her heart.
While Diana provides the plants, Denise uses her mother’s home grown loofah gourds in her soaps, which are hand crafted and created with vegan glycerin. Denise sells soap bars, body wash, lotions, soy candles, lip balm, and sugar scrubs. The spongy texture of loofah is perfect for naturally exfoliating dry skin to keep it smooth and sleek. Loofahs soften when wet and harden up again when dry, and when encapsulated in home crafted vegan soaps, it makes a perfect addition to a natural and healthy beauty regimen.
Denise has been making soaps for three years now, with many of her products inspired by her mothers gourds.

(559) 909-5331
Soaps Plus

For going on four years now, Briana Bither, the owner and handcrafter of Soaps Plus, can be found at our Saturday morning and Thursday night Farmers Markets.
Soaps Plus offers body products made with essential oils and fragrance oils, using a five oil blend of olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil and avocado oil. There are NO animal products in these natural products. You can find these uniquely handcrafted soaps and bath products in scents like lavender, lemongrass, patchouli and Briana’s personal favorite, peppermint eucalyptus.
Fans and regulars at Soaps Plus love the mild soaps that are perfect for all skin types. Some use the bar soaps in the shower, and some just use them on the kitchen sink – but all love the natural bars that sell for 4 for $20 at the Farmers Market.

(559) 784-SOAP