Cottage Grove Farm

In addition to the ever popular navel orange, Jim at Cottage Grove Farm currently grows multiple citrus varieties, along with tangerines, apples, cherries, pluots, apricots, tangelos, lemons, and pomegranates. He also sells some specialty varieties, including mellow gold grapefruit and pomelos.
Jim has a genuine love for his work, having a hand in all aspect of farming at Cottage Grove at one point or another – from picking to packaging to growing and selling. But his favorite part of the job is meeting his happy customers and regulars at the Farmers Market.
Cottage Grove can be found in the Los Angeles and Central California area, selling citrus and fruits at 8-9 markets in the state, but Jims favorite market is the one in his own back yard. Jim has been a vendor with Visalia Farmers Market for close to 20 years now, and he says that his days at the market remain his favorite.
“With farming it’s all work work work, worry worry worry. But here at the Market, it’s all fun!”

Stearns Foothill Farms

Charles Stearns has been in the hand grown California avocado business for a lifetime, growing up with a family that has perfected the art of commercially raising and nurturing avocados for well over 30 years on their 50 acre foothill farm located between Exeter and Lindsay on the foothill slopes to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Charles is a Clinical Program Coordinatorand is a diabetes educator and pharmacist with American Health Care, who loves learning and teaching about real foods and nutrition. When his father passed away, he decided to take over the family business and continue the Stearns family legacy of providing superior hand grown California avocados to the Central Valley.
In addition to avocados, Stearns Foothill Farms also produces and sells varieties of oranges and lemons which grow on their west and south facing foothill sloped groves. The direction of the slopes and the clay soils on the foothills produce some of the earliest ripened citrus in the Central Valley which are much sweeter than what would be found on the Valley floor.
Visit the Stearns Foothill Farms website at www.stearnsfoothillfarms.com or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stearnsfoothillfarms