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Adam’s Olives

This family owned and operated business has been growing their olives in Strathmore, California for generations. Adam’s Family Olives can be found at our Saturday Market.
Adam’s sells a variety of cold pressed olive oils, stuffed olives, whole olives, pitted olives and dried whole olives. The stuffed olives feature fun and classic fillings – jalapeno, anchovy, pimento, almond, garlic, lemon, etc.

Aguilar Produce

Jorge Aguilar was one of the very first Visalia Farmers Market vendors, and today, at our Thursday and Saturday markets, you can find Jorge’s son Daniel Aguilar – the youngest of the Aguilar boys – selling the many fruits and veggies that his family farm boasts.
The Aguilar’s sell a little bit of everything! Depending on the season you will find peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, squash, stone fruit, grapes, cucumber and many more in season fruits and veggies in their dozens of produce bins. One of the unique specialties Aguilar Produce brings to the market that is a Central Valley favorite, is okra!

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All Fired Up Pizza

A Thursday night Downtown Visalia Farmers Market exclusive, All Fired Up Pizza offers freshly baked pizzas from a portable wood fired brick oven!
In business since 2011, Alan and his family have offered made to order pizzas in fun and fancy varieties – BBQ Chicken, Pesto, Veggie, Margarita, White Greek and more!
Alan attended a pizza workshop in Colorado, and during classes decided that he loved making pizza and then purchased his Forno Bravo wood-fired brick oven, which bakes at upwards of 750 degrees. Alan says he wanted to have a brick oven in his backyard for years, and is thrilled to extend his tasty hobby and passion for local foods to Farmers Market goers!
Uncertain which pizza to try? Why not go with the family favorite, the Veggie Pizza? But trust me, you’ll love whatever you try!

Baba Foods

Baba Foods produces delicious hummus and pita chips in San Luis Obispo, California and distributes them across the Central Valley.
Baba Foods products are a delicious and healthy alternative to commonly used condiments such as mayonnaise, sour cream, and butter, and are great for serving at parties as they are always fresh and ready to serve. Baba Foods hummus keeps to an original basic recipe to maintain the best nutrition – just adding some modern flavors!
Baba Foods offers a wide variety of hummus flavors richly blended with fresh garbanzo beans, sesame, tahini, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, and spices, made to satisfy your taste buds. They also offer thin and crisp all natural pita chips, which make a great healthy snack. Cooked in fresh canola oil, Baba Foods pita chips come in a variety of flavors such as cinnamon sugar, garlic & herb, & lemon pepper.
Keep an eye out for specialty dips, pizzas and other unique offerings from this increasingly popular Mediterranean Snack shop!

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Barba Family Farm

Barba Family Farms is run by Jennifer and Anthony Barba, and their two sons, aged 4 and 6 (these two are the ones who really run the farm!).
The Barba family grows and sells a little bit of everything – assorted vegetables, stone fruits, flowers, herbs, free range eggs, and even pork and lamb meat.
Currently, Barba Family Farms are the only farmers selling pork and lamb meat at the Visalia Farmers Market. The family initially got started raising meat animals as a way to utilize vegetable waste from the farmers market, making these locally raised animals fed on superior locally grown products from the market! (You can’t eat more local than that!)
Since deciding to sell meat at the market, the Barba’s have dedicated 15 acres of winter forage for their lambs, which comprises 90% of their diet. The remaining 10% comes from local brewers grain from Brewbakers in Visalia which in turn sources their gourmet non-GMO grain from Europe.
At the moment Barba Family Farms has a very limited supply of pork meat, as they only raise around 10 hogs per year, making the pork products at the market a hot commodity. If you are interested in locally raised pork products, get to the Barba Family Farms booth early to call dibs – all orders are first come, first served!
Of all the Barba family products, Jen loves growing and selling flowers and unique flowering foods the best. During the spring and summer, the Barba Family Farm table is dotted with flowering artichoke, chive blossoms, fresh lavender, grain stalks and assorted sunflowers. (Jen is particularly partial to the sunflowers!)
But above all, the Barba’s love the community atmosphere at the Visalia Farmers Market, and love seeing their customers, whom they view more as family, every week!

Ciera Farms
Cornett Farms
Cottage Grove Farm

In addition to the ever popular navel orange, Jim at Cottage Grove Farm currently grows multiple citrus varieties, along with tangerines, apples, cherries, pluots, apricots, tangelos, lemons, and pomegranates. He also sells some specialty varieties, including mellow gold grapefruit and pomelos.
Jim has a genuine love for his work, having a hand in all aspect of farming at Cottage Grove at one point or another – from picking to packaging to growing and selling. But his favorite part of the job is meeting his happy customers and regulars at the Farmers Market.
Cottage Grove can be found in the Los Angeles and Central California area, selling citrus and fruits at 8-9 markets in the state, but Jims favorite market is the one in his own back yard. Jim has been a vendor with Visalia Farmers Market for close to 20 years now, and he says that his days at the market remain his favorite.
“With farming it’s all work work work, worry worry worry. But here at the Market, it’s all fun!”

Couture Farms

You can find Couture Farms at our Saturday and Thursday Markets. Based out of Kettleman City, this family run farm has been selling pistachios and asparagus (in season) since 1915, and became certified organic in 2006.
Couture Farms sells raw kernals, roasted and salted and in shell pistachios at great prices, and is very happy to support and be a part of the Visalia Farmers Markets!
P O Box 569

Kettleman City CA 93239

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Dairy Goddess

The Dairy Goddess specializes in pure, delicious cheese and milk from our very own cows, blended with our own family recipe. Savory concoctions of natural flavors add new zest to old favorites and our gently refined milk base locks in the creamy goodness. Our cheese varieties include six diverse flavors of our Fromage Blanc, as well as our hard cheeses. From the pure, rich, spreadable naked cheese to the subtle heat of our Azores blend, our Fromage blanc is the perfect stand-alone snack or recipe addition. We have flavors to satisfy any plate and any palate, from hot roasted pepper, to sweet honeyed-peach, to savory garlic and dill and more. After dinner, wash down delectable lasagna, sandwiches, vegetables and crackers with a cool glass of the Dairy Goddess’s own whole, chocolate,or vanilla cream top milk. Find our milk and cheeses at farmers markets, and specialty stores across California or order yours online. Check out the recipe ideas for delicious pairings and order your favorite flavor at The Dairy Goddess: farmstead cheese from Lemoore, CA.

Dates by Davall
DeLeonardis Olive Oil

Our family has been growing olives here in California’s Central Valley since 1978. California Sunshine Olive Oil Company was founded in 2004, and remains a family operation, dedicated to offering some of California’s best olive oil. The five varieties of olives used in our premium olive oil were selected for their distinct flavors when pressed into oil. Those five varieties are Lucca, Grapola, Manzanilla, Mission and Navadello. We use only our own olives, grown with care in Tulare County, California, using nothing but warm California sunshine and fresh water from a deep underground river. We use no additives or preservatives. These olives are grown for oil and are hand harvested each January, which makes our oil considered “”late harvest”” oil, giving it its rich, golden color. Our oil is cold milled and bottled unfiltered using state of the art processes. You can almost taste the fruit and nut on your palate as you delight in this wonderful taste sensation. You can also feel good knowing that eating olive oil is good for you. It is heart healthy and beneficial to you. milled and bottled unfiltered using state of the art processes. You can almost taste the fruit and nut on your palate as you delight in this wonderful taste sensation. You can also feel good knowing that eating olive oil is good for you. It is heart healthy and beneficial to you.

34295 Rd. 152

Visalia CA 93292

European Gardens

10256 Ave. 360 Visalia CA 93291

Website: http://theeuropeangardens.com

Ferry Farm
Finding Time
Garcia Corn

709 S. Burl Ave Fresn CA 93727

Gourds by Diane

Diana Pearcy and her daughter Denise Pearcy of Ivanhoe, California are the creative duo behind Dirty Bird and Gourds by Diane. Diana is the gourd guru, and Denise is the crafter of gourmet soaps behind this popular booth at our Saturday morning Farmers Market.
Over the past eight years Diana has grown each gourd she sells herself, as a true labor of love and work of home grown art. The Pearcy family maintains a half acre patch of gourds, growing well over 3,000 gourds per season – with gourds ranging from half an inch tall to well over 70 inches around!
“It’s fun, because they all have different shapes and personalities”, Diana said when discussing her gourd farm. “I have coffee with them every morning!”
Diana cultivates her hobby and hones her art by going to gourd festivals and reading books on crafting with gourds for inspiration. When pressed for a favorite piece of art of type of gourd, Diana said she couldn’t pick a favorite, but bushel gourds have a special place in her heart.
While Diana provides the plants, Denise uses her mother’s home grown loofah gourds in her soaps, which are hand crafted and created with vegan glycerin. Denise sells soap bars, body wash, lotions, soy candles, lip balm, and sugar scrubs. The spongy texture of loofah is perfect for naturally exfoliating dry skin to keep it smooth and sleek. Loofahs soften when wet and harden up again when dry, and when encapsulated in home crafted vegan soaps, it makes a perfect addition to a natural and healthy beauty regimen.
Denise has been making soaps for three years now, with many of her products inspired by her mothers gourds.

(559) 909-5331
Haas Olives

429 W. Citrus Lindsay CA 93247

Hummingbird Grill

Lenox and Lenni Malcolm are the duo behind the family owned and operated Hummingbird Café, one of our newest food vendors at the Saturday morning market.
This fun couple have both been cooking their entire life. Lenox’s family is from Jamaica and Lennis is from Louisiana and every single one of their recipes at the Hummingbird Café pulls on old family recipes and cooking techniques grounded in two of the most flavorful locations on the planet!
The couple actually connected over food when they first met. Over the years they would enjoy cooking for friends and family, and after much prompting from loved ones they finally decided to go into business in January of 2015. The Hummingbird Café was officially born! (Name inspired over the hummingbird being the national bird of Jamaica.)
The Malcolm’s enjoy creating flavorful jerk chicken that is smoked and grilled to perfection using various hand mixed and family recipe inspired spices – and they keep their unique cuisine on the spicier side! While the couple started out at our markets with some classic Jamaican staples, they are slowly adding to their ever expanding menu, with new items like curry chicken with rice, and fried plantains.
This cheerful couple and their delicious cuisine are quickly becoming a favorite of farmers market regulars, selling out of their signature chicken almost every weekend, so stop by to say hi and come early to grab your plate of Jamaican jerk chicken!
The Malcolm’s love meeting new people and are having fun discovering who their regulars are.. give their food a try, and you just might be one of them!