Hello everyone, Gingi Freeman here with the Visalia Farmers Market! As a Visalia Farmers Market shopper and employee, I frequently have customers asking me about or telling me about new vegetables, herbs and fruits that appear on our local farmer’s tables at the market. And there are A LOT of new and unusual foods that rotate in every month (and sometimes every week)!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to taste all of the interesting flavors our local farmers can serve up. Filling your market tote with something new and unknown, and still filling the pantry for the week with the true and tried can sometimes be tricky!
My personal approach to this conundrum? I strive to include ONE new local food a day into my diet. This usually means buying 7 different kinds of fruits, veggies, herbs or nuts at the Farmers Market – one for each day of the week.
Not all of my food choices are designed to push me out of my comfort zone. Some are simply trying a new variety of kale or a farmer’s favorite variety of cherry. Some are foods I have had a thousand times before (I grabbed some good old white onions for one food option this week.) But when I am feeling saucy, I will include some bitter melon greens, Buddha’s hand citron or something similarly adventurous or exotic in the culinary world!
It’s simple (maybe overly so) and might just be the least challenging of food challenges, but it is a fun way to incorporate more local flavor, variety and healthy foods into your life! The market is so much more enjoyable when you shop on a mission!
Remember, variety is the spice of life so give something new a try. You never know….you just might find that new food that you will love!
Are you going to join me and take the Eat One Local Food a Day challenge? Let us know and be sure to hashtag your social media posts with #visaliafarmersmarket
Gingi Freeman
Media Manager, Visalia Farmers Market