Bobby Todd is the owner of this family run business, inspired from the cirtus farm Rancho Madre that his grandfather owned in Exeter in the 1950s.
In 1999 Bobby was working as a high school teacher at Orosi High School. The principal at the time was Jene Etheridge, who worked a number of Farmers Markets on the side with his family farms. One day after school, Bobby and Jene got to talking about selling at Farmers Markets, and Bobby decided to join Jene one weekend to see what its all about. After watching the interactions with customers, and the simplicity of farmer to consumer sales, Bobby caught the farming and Farmers Market bug!
Shortly after, Bobby and his wife bought 10 acres, and set to work planting 50 to 60 different varieties of fruit to experiment with and learn on. Now, they farm and lease over 40 acres of fruit and citrus trees, with certified organic summer fruits, own all of their own juicing and bottling equipment, and farm year round while visiting Farmers Markets across California!




Yellow peaches are Bobbys favorite to grow, however he is partial to the taste of blood orange and tangerine juices.
Rancho Padre juices are always fresh. The Todd family juices twice a week, and sometime up to four times a week in peak fruit seasons! You can find pomegranate, apple, watermelon and citrus juices at Rancho Padre, depending on the time of year.
Keep an eye out for some of the fruit juice blends and specialty mixes that sometime show up in the Market, like the popular Rancho Padre Tangelo Juice – a mix of tangerine and pomelo fruits!
Rancho Padre remains, at its heart, a family effort born out of a genuine love of Farmers Markets and the people who frequent them. Bobbys kids will often come out to assist with sells and managing the booth, but more often than not you will find Bobby hard at work on what is to him a labor of love.
Stop by and spent a moment (or two!) chatting with Bobby, sampling some of his exquisite fresh juices, and learning more about his passion for farming in the Central Valley. As a former high school teacher, its hard NOT to learn something new and fascinating from this born educator!