A little over 7 years ago, Tracey Hemme was helping her 8 year old son Jake with a dog walking summer job. While taking a friends dogs out for their walks, Jake felt that he should buy the dogs treats.

So Tracey took Jake to one of the local big box pet stores in Visalia and started browsing the many dog treats crowding the shelves. Looking for the very best for the pups, Jake asked the clerks about the ingredients in the treats. From name brand treats to the upscale scoopable treats in barrels, Jake and Tracey were surprised to find that the ingredients were either not disclosed, or if disclosed, the ingredients were all unnatural!
They left the store unhappy with the lack of transparency and lack of options for real, natural dog treats in Visalia. But undaunted by the scarcity of real, natural pet treats, the pair went home and decided to research how to make healthy, freshly baked, delicious dog treats themselves!
They spoke to their veterinarian, looked up health facts and recipes online, experimented with different techniques, and before they knew it, they were making the healthiest dog treats in town and sharing with friends!
After the treats took off among friends, and demand increased, Tracey talked to her friend Cathy Shuklian, and the two decided to go into business together. While brainstorming names, they settled on The Barkers Dozen and officially joined the Visalia Farmers Market in 2008.







Attending every Saturday morning market, The Barkers Dozen has weekly regulars that stock up on the unique real food varieties of freshly baked treats. Their three top sellers are the Peanut Butter Bones, Pepperoni Sticks and Barkin Bacon, made with real bacon.
The treats sell individually or in ½ pound bags, with all ingredients fully disclosed. Barkers Dozen even offers wheat free options for wheat sensitive canines!
In addition to dog treats, Barkers Dozen is happy to offer handcrafted, all natural dog soap made by SoapsPlus (click here to view SoapsPlus vendor spotlight) and hand sewn dog scarves made by J+D Crafts (click here to view J+Ds vendor spotlight).






Barkers Dozen accepts cash, credit card and checks. Next time you are in the market, be sure to stop by and grab your pet a treat!