Regular market-goers should be familiar with the produce booth, Country Blossom, run by the wonderful Vang family.

The family is facing a medical hardship at the moment, and are going through an extremely stressful time as Nusoua Vang underwent brain surgery last week. Here is a share from Mee and Nusoua’s daughter:
“Nusoua was in the ICU last week after 9+ hours of surgery for his Craniopharyngioma. The neurosurgeon was able to take most of the tumor out, but Mr. Vang will have to do radiation therapy down the road to take care of the rest. When surgery was close to finishing, his right carotid artery ruptured so the surgeons sacrificed the artery to finish the procedure. Mr. Vang is now paralyzed on the left side of his body. He, however, was responsive and able to blink, squeeze from his right hand, and wiggle his right toes. 

The following morning Mr. Vang had a hard time opening his eyes. CT scans revealed internal bleeding and fluid buildup in his brain. They immediately rushed him into surgery to take off a side of his skull. This will allow the fluid to drain and release pressure from the brain. 

Please help with this fund so that we can support Mr. Vang and his family on his road to recovery. With lots of physical and speech therapy (eventually radiation therapy also), CRMC doctors believe that Mr. Vang will be able to communicate and live a healthy lifestyle once again.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds for this unexpected medical emergency (and all the bills it will accrue on the path to wellness over the years), and any donation will help, no matter how small.


You can also stop by the Country Blossom booth at the Saturday morning Farmers Market, where Mee and Nusoua’s nephew will be manning the booth in the coming weeks. Please keep this lovely family in your thoughts and prayers and consider sharing this cause on social media! GET WELL SOON MR. VANG!