This years Fun with Food Sculpture Contest was packed with shoulder to shoulder foodie fun! With contestants of all ages lined up to unleash their creative genius on piles of local fruits and veggies, our art tables literally couldn’t hold all of the entries!

With finished art pieces ranging from funny to thoughtful and scary to silly, our guest judges Julissa Baltazar and Fidel Moreno from the Golden West High School Art Department selected 4 winners (2 sculptures from kids under 10, and 2 from ages 11 and up).
Check out our 4 winners below! (Note: All winners have redeemed their prizes, except for Madeline, Age 5, with the flower landscape sculpture. Come visit the Information Booth at the Saturday Visalia Farmers Market to pick up your gift certificates and t-shirt or hat!)






Big thank you to our volunteers, and to the Taste the Arts Festival and Tulare Arts Consortium for partnering with us to make this happen, and to the many Visalia Farmera Market vendors who donated the fruits and veggies!
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