We’ve wrapped up our Food Preservation Education Program for the summer and for those of you who missed our live demo booth at the Discover Market Fresh booth, never fear! Enjoy this ONLINE food preservation demo of how to vacuum seal your farmers market produce, meats, and cheeses to enjoy year round with the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer!
Big shout out and thanks to Jarden, the makers of FoodSaver® Brands, for this fun and educational opportunity! So are you ready to learn what the Food Preservation Education Program is all about? Let’s get started!

How to Vacuum Seal Your Farmers Market Produce with the FoodSaver® 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System 



1. Decide What Food You Want to Save and Seal

With the 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System you can save produce, meats, and cheeses to enjoy year round with the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer! We recommend you find the lowest prices on in-season goods, buy fresh and local, and then store your bounty. You’ll be amazed when the savings add up! (You can easily save up to $2700 per year based on buying in bulk and preventing waste!)



2. Place Your Produce in the Heat Seal Bags and Vacuum Seal

Advanced technology automatically senses the bag and food type to create a perfect, air-tight seal! You can keep your farmers market desserts and sweets fresh (and un-crushed!) with a “pulse” function that removes air for sealed storage without squishing your delicate baked goods.
But the vacuum seal isn’t just for produce and baked goodies, the canister vacuum marinates meat, fish, vegetables, and more in mere minutes—instead of hours or overnight—using vacuum power to penetrate marinades deep into the food.



3. Vacuum Seal Your Bag and Freeze Until Ready to Use

Once your produce is air-tight and vacuum sealed, you can safely freeze your fruits and veggies for use year round, for a fresh dish even while out of season!

So we have been asking everyone at the Market, and now we’re asking YOU! What is YOUR favorite food to save year round?