Located in Kingsburg, California, the Aguilar family has owned and operated Aguilar Produce for 28 years, and has been a member of the Visalia Farmers Market for just about as long!

Jorge Aguilar was one of the very first Visalia Farmers Market vendors, and today, at our Thursday and Saturday markets, you can find Jorge’s son Daniel Aguilar – the youngest of the Aguilar boys – selling the many fruits and veggies that his family farm boasts.






The Aguilar’s sell a little bit of everything! Depending on the season you will find peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, squash, stone fruit, grapes, cucumber and many more in season fruits and veggies in their dozens of produce bins. One of the unique specialties Aguilar Produce brings to the market that is a Central Valley favorite, is okra!




Stop by this always-busy booth to get a taste of some authentic Central Valley flavor! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook by clicking here and follow them on instagram @aguilarproduce