You can find Couture Farms at our Saturday and Thursday Markets. Based out of Kettleman City, this family run farm has been selling pistachios and asparagus (in season) since 1915, and became certified organic in 2006.
Couture Farms sells raw kernals, roasted and salted and in shell pistachios at great prices, and is very happy to support and be a part of the Visalia Farmers Markets!



– Pistachios were originally imported to America in the 1880s.
– Pistachio trees were planted experimentally in California beginning in the early 1930s.
– California is the second largest producer of pistachios worldwide, boasting more than 100,000 acres of pistachio orchards and producing in excess of 300 million pounds of pistachios a year.
– California pistachios account for about 98 percent of domestic production of pistachios.
– Pistachios are the “colorful” nut, owing their green and purple hue to antioxidants.
– Pistachios are a good source of protein, fiber, magnesium, thiamin, and phosphorus. They’re an excellent source of vitamin B6, copper, and manganese.