This family owned and operated business has been growing their olives in Strathmore, California for generations. Adam’s Family Olives can be found at our Saturday Market in Visalia at the Sears Parking Lot on Mooney and Caldwell.




Adam’s sells a variety of cold pressed olive oils, stuffed olives, whole olives, pitted olives and dried whole olives. The stuffed olives feature fun and classic fillings – jalapeno, anchovy, pimento, almond, garlic, lemon, etc.



Stop by and try a stuffed olive sample from Adam! My favorite are the “Balls of Fire” habenero stuffed olives. But be warned… it’s a scorcher!!


– California is responsible for 99% of all the olive oil produced in the United States.

– California olive farming began in the 18th Century, at the Spanish Jesuit missions.

– On average, an olive tree can live between 300 to 600 years.

– Of all harvested olives, 90% are used for oils and only 10% for table olives.

– It takes 15 years for an olive tree can produce it’s first harvest.